Feeling sluggish? Need some nutritional advice?

Vitalia Nutrition offers tailor-made individual nutritional consultations, personalised supermarket tours, and engaging and educational corporate wellness nutrition programmes, in order to promote your or your employees health and wellbeing as a priority.

How we can help

Have you noticed how sluggish and tired a poor diet can make you feel? Proper nutrition and following a healthy lifestyle can make you feel and look your best. For private clients, Vitalia Nutrition can help you achieve these aims, by offering you realistic and achievable recommendations tailored to suit your present lifestyle and circumstances. You may be seeking help with weight management, or you may be suffering from a long-term chronic health condition. Whatever it may be, Vitalia Nutrition will always attempt to find the root cause of your health issues and not just address the symptoms and adopt a ‘one size fits all approach’. By tailoring your nutrition plan to your individual needs, budget and cooking abilities, Vitalia Nutrition will support you in staying healthy and motivated, especially when you are contending with the stresses and strains of everyday life leaving you with little time to make these changes.

For corporate clients, please see my Corporate Wellness page for more information on how I can help to support your employees in being productive.

You really are what you eat, and Vitalia Nutrition will help you and your employees to stay motivated towards the path of optimum health.


Some of the conditions in which devising a diet via Nutritional Therapy can support:

Digestive Wellness


Food Intolerance

Skin conditions associated with food intolerance

Healthy skin, hair and nails

Healthy weight management

Meal planning

Test result interpretation

Vegetarian, vegan, paleo, auto-immune paleo diets

Eating disorders (in conjunction with a firm and committed psychological programme only)

Energy and vitality

Hormonal balance

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

High cholesterol/blood sugar

Healthy immune function

Muscular-skeletal health

Reduce everyday stress and encourage more restful sleep

Pre-conceptual, ante-natal (pregnancy), post-natal care, and infant nutrition

Children's health


Consultations currently offered at:

Beechwood Medical Centre, Wolverhampton | Broad Oakes Health Clinic, Solihull | Spring Clinic, Leamington Spa | Central Chiropractic and Physiotherapy Clinic, Coventry


“After talking to friends on the subject of needing to find a user-friendly way to combat a feeling of bloating, lethargy, lose a few pounds and generally improve my sense of wellbeing, I was pointed in the direction of Vitalia Nutrition. Carolina listened to my concerns and needs and came up with a fad-free common sense plan which was easy to follow. It wasn’t a quick fix like most diets. ‘The Basics of Healthy Eating’ explained what foods are good, and not so good, what is beneficial and what is essential. I followed a wellness plan that was tailor-made for me. It was easy to follow with great tasting menus. I avoided as much sugar and white bread as I could, which wasn’t easy at first but soon got used to it and the sugary cravings soon subsided. I was made very aware of the importance of drinking more water. I cut down on alcohol too. The results came quicker than expected. I now have more energy, I have lost nearly a stone in weight and it is staying off too, and also lost two inches off my waistline to boot. Thank you very much indeed to Vitalia Nutrition.”


– Nicolas McGauley


“I have had a consecutive period two month in a row which is absolutely astonishing for me as I cannot remember a time having one follow the other (normally months and months pass), so I am pleased with that and there is no doubt this is due to the changes you have made to my daily routine, food, exercise etc. Now back from holiday a month or so, I am fully back on the diet plan and also on another period.”


– Karla Russo


“Carolina helped me to identlfy some food sensitivities that were causing me to experience symptoms such as bloating. She set out a 6 week plan for me including foods I should eat, foods I should avoid, and supplements I should take. As a result, I feel much better, I have more energy and the bloating has definitely subsided. Carolina was really professional and was always at the end of the email to answer any queries I had or to give advice, I would definitely recommend Vitalia.!”


– Jemma Humphreys


“After being a long-term sufferer of acid-reflux and eventually being diagnosed with a medical condition, I contacted Vitalia Nutrition. I was greeted with a very empathetic and professional consultation. The diet, supplement, and lifestyle changes you recommended have helped greatly to alleviate my condition. Thank you Vitalia Nutrition for your expertise and guidelines.”


– Gary Farmer


“I have consulted with Vitalia Nutrition for advice on weight management. The recommendations and programme have been absolutely worthwhile with lots of tips, recipes, and handouts given to me. The friendliness and professionalism I’ve encountered have been second to none. Thanks Vitalia Nutrition, I feel fantastic.”


– Monika Constance Maybank