Before your initial consultation, please could you complete the detailed questionnaire found attached on the ‘book consultation‘ page and 3-day food diary to give me a good indication of your health and diet. I can then build up a general picture of you and it enables me to prepare and research your case. This information is also required by law in your file. Please submit the forms, at least 24 hours before your initial consultation.


The initial consultation will last 1 hour and we will discuss the links between various symptoms, body systems, genetic factors and environmental influences, and how these contributory factors are affecting your health. I will make suggestions to help alleviate symptoms and bring about an improvement in your health and wellbeing. A personalised diet an lifestyle plan taking into account factors such as your likes and dislikes, time commitments, and budget, will be fully researched, formulated and emailed within 2 working days, often sooner. I will also offer a sample 7 day menu planner, handouts, and recipe ideas if required. Diagnostic tests may also be recommended to help determine any health concerns, but these are purely optional and the reason for their recommendation fully explained. Your personalised plan may also include supplement recommendations, if required, with a 10% practitioner discount offered.


Follow Up
A follow-up consultation to review your progress will be arranged, if you wish, 4 to 6 weeks after the initial appointment and will last up to 45 minutes.We will discuss how the plan has suited your circumstances and requirements and then make any necessary changes to your plan so as to achieve your health aims.

Supermarket Tours
I offer personalised supermarket tours lasting 1 hour, whereby I will accompany you at your supermarket when doing your grocery shopping. I will let you know how you could be eating more healthily and help you to make the right healthy food choices. Advice will be given on labelling, the content of food, and how you can replace your favourite foods with healthier versions.

Diagnostic Testing
I offer a wide range of private tests. These range from very simple pin-prick tests, food intolerance tests, to more comprehensive blood, breath and stool tests.The cost of these tests are directly paid to the laboratory. I will receive the results and I will relay the results to you during a 45-minute consultation and advise on how you can move forward with your health. Please contact me for more information and for pricing.

8 Week Health and Wellbeing package
This is a programme to help keep you committed and motivated. Many of my clients see great benefits following this programme as the longer you commit to a programme, the more likely you are to make permanent lifestyle changes. Once you have been to see me for an initial consultation, the programme includes block telephone appointments so that I can guide you through your journey, and make further recommendations or changes. The consultations consist of 3 telephone appointments, the first one a week after your initial appointment, the second one at week 4, the third one at week 6, lasting half an hour each. The last follow-up consultation is face to face in week 8. Free email support throughout your programme is also included in this package.