Corporate Wellness

Health, wellbeing, and a positive mindset at the workplace has shown to be linked to better productivity and reduced absenteeism.


Vitalia Nutrition can help your company gain that competitive edge by educating employees in making effective and workable healthy food choices. Many of these changes can be small and simple, yet can make a dramatic difference to your employees energy and productivity. Other benefits to your business include a happier, healthier workforce, improved morale, reduced turnover, increased concentration, responsiveness, and enhanced decision making.


Vitalia Nutrition’s clients have included HSBC Bank, Innovise Ltd, and other smaller local companies.


Wellbeing Talks with Question and Answer Session
I offer a wide variety of talks on virtually any subject. Topics include:-

  • Increase Energy and Vitality
  • Reduce Stress
  • Support Immunity
  • Boost Your Mood With Food
  • Quick and Healthy Food Choices for The Working Week
  • Superfoods
  • Healthy snacking

Cookery Seminars
Demonstrations with a question and answer session regarding quick and healthy meal ideas, healthy breakfasts, and smoothies.

Taster Workshops
A tasting table where staff can sample delicious and healthy snacks and/or superfoods with the opportunity for staff to ask questions regarding food and nutrition.

Individual 1-1 Consultations
Vitalia Nutrition also offers personal consultations for your employees. These can be full one hour long consultations, or shorter consultations depending upon your requirements.

Nutritional analysis of your canteen
Vitalia Nutrition can provide a nutritional analysis of your corporate canteen or your local eating restaurants, cafes and takeaways, to ensure employees are making the correct food choices. Vitalia Nutrition can give recommendations on how to make simple changes and offer tasty alternatives to your current menu, that won’t impact on time and taste. I can also offer a list of the healthier local eating outlets for those who prefer to eat out for lunch.

You may even require a mixture of all the above. Vitalia Nutrition can tailor each programme specifically to your organisation’s needs. Please contact me for further information.